Tentang Perusahaan

Deskripsi Perusahaan
PT SOLUSI PRIMA PACKAGING, also known as SOPRA is a plastic packaging manufacturing company located in the Industrial area of Narogong-Bekasi, Indonesia.
Specialized in producing PET ( Polyethylene Terephathalate ) bottles with Injection Stretch Blow Molding technology. SOPRA produces PET bottles are for edible and halal products. Additionally, we are now producing trays, lids and cups with PET.
SOPRA utilizes sophisticated machineries in our production lines. We manufacture to a wide range of packagings for Food & Beverages, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, and many other applications. Our Clients comprise mainly of medium to large Industrial companies and traditional retailers.
In order to support such wide product ranges, SOPRA has In-house mold making technology. Equipped with such technology enables us to assist our clients in realizing economical, exclusive, and innovative bottle designs swiftly.
SOPRA' strengths lie in our team of R&D  ( Research & Development ), Production and QC (Quality Control). Our teams are continually trained with Modem Management System in order to assure products and services of the best quality. We constantly aim to deliver low cost and superior products  promptly.
SOPRA' Sales and Marketing team complement the strength of the company by aggressively promoting our product range. Wer are also actively participating in Domestic and International Exhibitions.

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