Deskripsi Pekerjaan


  • Managing stock levels, delivery times and transport costs
  • Analyzing product trends, explaining forecast changes to corporate and manufacturing planning organizations, managing supply available to maintain customer satisfaction
  • Analyzing and synthesizing complex business data from multiple product groups. Continuously develop and refine analytical and statistical models to forecast demand
  • Key player in the Co-Planning team to provide distributor insight’s on product ramps, demand changes and driving communication back to distributors when an imbalance is created between supply and demand Identify and drive change in dependent processes both within Supply Chain and with Distribution Partners – partnering to establish a programmatic structure to define and execute process evolution internally and externally to optimize the relationship between inventory planning and order management.
  • Influence Distributors to adapt the program, develop customer loyalty and establish strong working relationship with distributors.
  • Minimum Bachelor Degree from Industrial Engineering
  • Minimum 2 years previous managerial experience in similar position
  • Perform strong analytical skill
  • Able to balance multiple functional inputs including distributor forecasts, point of sale information, inventory buffer requirements, product life cycle information from marketing, and statistical forecasts to agree on monthly distributor forecast
  • Understand the dynamics between supply and demand balancing and be able to help distributors optimize inventory levels and maximize fill rate

Tentang Perusahaan

Why join us

Scott Cunningham describes the Akasha as the spiritual force that Earth, Air, Fire, and Water descend from. Some also believe that the combination of the four elements make up that which is Akasha, and that Akasha exists in every living creature in existence; without Akasha, there is no spirit, no soul.
The Five Elements  which represent with Akasha business units, are worked with to create positive changes on earth.
The leaf symbolyzed organic and have nature characters which is still growing. And  symbolizes life and business continues to grow and timeless, also in accordance with  value of responsibility for the health and the environmental commitment
There’re 2 option : blue colours  and white to reflected the sky or with touch of yellow which is reflected the sun which has meaning   of creativity, idea and life.


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