Deskripsi Pekerjaan

  • Usia minimal 25 tahun.
  • Pendidikan minimal S1 Psikologi atau MSDM.
  • IPK minimal 3.00
  • Pengalaman minimal 3 tahun.
  • Paham konsep pengembangan, Matriks Training/Kompetensi, penyusunan Kamus Kompetensi, dan KPI.
  • Mampu membuat materi training dan memberikan training.Komunikatif, ramah, inovatif, teliti, dan kreatif.
  • Mengukur kebutuhan training yang relevan untuk karyawan baik untuk level individu atau level organisasi, berkonsultasi dengan kepala-kepala tiap departemen, termasuk metoda-metoda penilaian dan sistem pengukuran diperlukan.
  • Membuat strategi dan rencana-rencana organisatoris untuk memenuhi kebutuhan pelatihan dan pengembangan, dan mengatur pelaksanaan pelatihan, pengukuran dan tindak lanjut yang diperlukan.
  • Menyusun untuk pemeliharaan segala perlengkapan dan material yang berhubungan dengan pelaksanaan dan pengukuran training.

Tentang Perusahaan

Deskripsi Perusahaan
CV. Karya Jaya Mandiri Sakti (KJMS) was established in 1989 and has ever since  consistently and continuously been developing its brand PRECISE, both in design and marketing strategy. The effort has put PRECISE as one of the leading footwear (shoes) manufacturers in Indonesia, equipped with an international quality. Through its 25 years of journey in the footwear industry, CV.KJMS is an experienced player. Its R&D (Research and Design) team is a professional resource, keeping up with the newest trend and technology. Its marketing team is highly skillfull and leading in its market. These facts has granted a significant comparative advantage towards CV. KJMS, distinguishes its position among its competitors. PRECISE is an actively evolving product answering the development of newest shoe making technology and market taste. PRECISE has a wide range of offers for customers, ranging from: Children to Adults Shoes ; Lifestyle to Sport Shoes. It all comes with the latest trendiest design and captivating color choices. PRECISE is committed to present its best products for customers various daily activities. PRECISE is trying its best to keep on producing the best, yet affordable collections, in its level.

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