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Multicon Indrajaya Terminal PT

Operator Alat Berat Side Loader (SL) Panjang

Deskripsi Pekerjaan


  • Pengalaman mengoperasikan Side Loader (SL)
  • Memiliki SIO Side Loader Resmi yang dikeluarkan disnaker dan Masih Aktif
  • Diutamakan pengalaman dibidang heavy equipment (alat berat)
  • Minimal pendidikan SMP pengalaman minimal 3 Tahun atau SMK/SMA pengalaman minimal 2 Tahun
  • Usia 19 s/d 40 tahun.
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Data pekerjaan

LokasiPanjangBandar LampungLampung
IndustriTransportasi / Logistik

Production Technician or Teknisi Produksi / Operator - Manufaktur

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Deskripsi Perusahaan

Since the establishment of its first terminal in 1998, PT. Multicon Indrajaya Terminal has been continuously experiencing massive growth and proven its excellent performance in serving major Main Line Operators. Based on our high commitment in excellent services, professionalism and discipline, and added value to customers, Multicon has evolved so much that we today have become one of the largest Container Depot Operator in Indonesia. Having 7 container terminals in present, 2 in Jakarta, 2 in Surabaya, 1 in Panjang and 1 in Semarang, and 1 in Belawan. installing the latest IT infrastructure, modern facilities and implementing effective and efficient operational management, Multicon leads the market in terms of containers movement volume. We will never stop improving our services to the highest level of discipline and innovating our technology in maintaining customers satisfaction. More than anything else, we are committed to it.
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Mengapa bergabung dengan kami?

Why Multicon? 1. Our commitment to human capital development Multicon is committed to and keen of providing the best support, facilities, opportunities and environment for our employees to develop their career and life. We at Multicon believe that strong human resource is one of the key figures to support a strong company, and through learning and training, we develop our employees so that they can grab the right opportunity at the right time. 2. Wide opportunities and objective appraisal With our rapid business growth, Multicon offers wide opportunities for our employees to fill the given vacancies and get promotion. At Multicon, employees are appraised objectively and capable figures will get the chance to be promoted without any interference. 3. Nurturing work environment Multicon provides our employees a varied career path that includes changing function and business unit. Multicon appreciates all of our employees and every individual gets fair chance to proof their talents. 4. Fair compensation both in career and life Multicon believes that the success of the company is the result of our employees great dedication and effort. Along with the company's success, Multicon provide fair compesantion for our employees so that they also feel the result of their contribution. Fulfil your maximum potential and walk your future with Multicon as we provide you the successful paths and great experiences so that we can be proud of you and you can be proud to be a part of us.  

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