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PT Mclogi Consulting Indonesia

Finance & Accounting Manager

Deskripsi Pekerjaan


Main Responsibilities :

Supervise, plan and coordinate the activities of a variety of finance and accounting services that may include, but are not limited to, general accounting, accounts payable, payroll, auditing, bond administration, treasury management, and financial reporting

Job Duties :
  • Report financial information in an accurate and timely manner, prepare and provide financial reports to external agencies as required
  • Manage a variety of fiscal and accounting functions pertaining to areas such as general accounting, accounts payable, payroll, auditing, bond administration, treasury management and financial reporting
  • Develop and implement financial policies, procedures and goals for assigned areas
  • Manage and report on the status of Company cash and investment accounts
  • Maintain debts records, provide information to debt advisors, account for defeasance and perform other debt oversight functions
  • Prepare and submit the Company Annual Financial Report
  • Develop, implement and monitor internal controls
  • Supervise the work of subordinate accountants, accounting assistants and other assigned staff, assign, direct, monitor and evaluate staff work; plan and coordinate professional development activities, implement corrective action as appropriate
  • Respond to request from various department inside/outside company for information, analysis and assistance; provide advise and guidance to department staff
  • Interface with financial consultants, auditors, and government agencies
  • Complete budget preparation tasks and budget to actual analysis as directed
  • Attend meetings, conferences and training as required, participate on committees, tasks forces and work groups as assigned
  • Controlling the due date of all receivable payment
  • Perform related duties as assigned
Requirements :
  • Plan, organize, administer, review and evaluate the work of others; select, train, and motivate assigned staff
  • Analyze, evaluate and reconcile complex financial data to arrive at accurate conclusions and recommendations; review and verify the accuracy of financial data and information
  • Apply mathematical operations to solve accounting problems
  • Recommend improved accounting methods, procedures, and internal controls
  • Utilize standard office software such as Microsoft Excel and Word at an advanced level; be familiar with common financial application software used by Municipal Government
  • Read, analyze and interpret an extensive variety of technical instructions and deal with several abstract and concrete variables
  • Respond to common inquiries or complaints from customers, regulatory agencies, or members of the business community, effectively present information to management
  • Exercise sound, independent judgement within established guidelines
  • Understand, interpret and apply laws, rules regulations and ordinances and apply complex guidelines affecting the sections activities; interpret governmental accounting rules and regulations, interpret and explain Company accounting policies and procedures
  • Coordinate multiple projects simultaneously; diagnose operational problems and take effective courses of action
  • Interact effectively under pressure and meet deadlines; work independently with minimal supervision
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
  • Establish and maintain effective relationships with those contracted in the course of the work
Qualification :
  • Having knowledge of principles and practices of municipal accounting, budgeting and auditing
  • Accounting and financial-related computer software and the applications to assigned functions
  • Principles and practices of leadership, supervision, training and performance evaluation
  • Pertinent federal, state and local laws, regulations and codes
  • Recent of developments, current literature, and sources of information regarding assigned functions
  • Principles and practices of governmental/fund accounting
  • Minimum Bachelor Degree with major Accounting/Business Administration/Finance or realted field
  • Minimum 3 years experience at Supervisory Level over general Accounting Functions.
  • Certification as CA is desirable
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IndustriAviasi / Penerbangan

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PerusahaanPT Mclogi Consulting Indonesia  lihat lowongan

Deskripsi Perusahaan

Newly established company in Indonesia by Mitsubishi Corporation LT, Inc named MCLOGI which belongs to
Industrial Finance, Logistics and Development Group of Mitsubishi Corporation.

This newly established company PT. MCLOGI CONSULTING INDONESIA is a logistics company.
Corporate Philosophy

As a Total Logistics Solution Provider,
we: Strive to enrich Society, both materially and spiritually, while contribuijng towards the preservation of the global environment, Maintain principles of transparency and openness conducting business with Integrity and fairness.

Create value and expand business, based on all encompassing global perspective.
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Mengapa bergabung dengan kami?

Best partner who goes along with customers.   Seamless   Domestic and international, production and sales, commercial and physical distribution, customers and us. We seamlessly think and act beyond the conventional framework. We, being closely connect with customers, always act through the customers’ eyes. Solution   The services we provide is not only to carry goods. We, being beyond the conventional framework, share the subject with our customers and aim at solution. We solve customers’ business challenges, not just logistics challenges. It is our service which is not available elsewhere because we can do together with customers. Sogo-shosha   We, having our backbone as a “Sogo Shosha”, general trading house, do not stick to the framework of logistics. We will offer a Total Logistics Solution. We, having professionals of commercial and physical distribution, provide a comprehensive support to customers’ business.     We, based on the extensive logistics knowledge cultivated over 60 years, operate globally providing our own logistics solution which is firmly incorporated in our customers’ business and different to others. Our goal is not to transport and store simply. Our goal is that we become a more attractive company which can share a goal with customers, by contributing to our customers for their strengthening competitive power and enhancing corporate value. “ Beyond Logistics ” It is our vision and theme.  

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