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ABOUT BénBérg Arôme
For more than 41 years of experiences in the flavors and fragrances industry, we have supplied flavors and fragrances through cooperation's and partnership.
BénBérg Arôme now has extended their activities by building state of the art production and creation facilities in Surabaya - Indonesia.
We are supporting our customers with innovative solution with modern HIGH TECH production & packaging facilities, a highly skilled work forced and an International network, we are confident our capability to develop our customers preferred Quality.
Our Commitment
  1. Turning technology into winning customized Flavors, Fragrances and Essential Oil
  2. Technical expertise to support your requirements
  3. Understanding our customers preferences
   1. Create innovations correspondence in the market and build strong R&D team.
   2. Listening to our customer needs and grow together as an essential partner with our customers.
   3. With Participation of all employees, by implementing HACCP and GMP principles, we are totally committed to product and safety management system continuity, improvement and effectiveness through Food Safety Objectives within the organization.
   1. Become preferred supplier in the industry
   2. Continuous developing for relevant new innovative taste and scent
   3. Build strong and intimate business relationship with customers over the years

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