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Millennium Engineering is the Best Choice for All your Mixing Tank and Storage Tank PT Millennium Engineering Indonesia is a company based in Jakarta that have over 8 years experience in Aviation Engineering Services. Now we are expanding our business to stainless steel fabrication. Backed by our engineering experience in sheet metal and aircraft structure. We believe that our product will meet any industrial standard (ANSI, ASME, ASTM, AWS and MIL-I-45208A standards). Our Products We handle precision metal fabrication services focusing on food and beverages, cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Our products including: * Mixing Tank, Pressurize Vessel, Vessel & Storage Tank * Piping * LAF (Laminar Air Flow) * Furniture such as tables, casework, dressers, chair suitable for pharma industry * Cabinets Ruang Bersih adalah perusahaan fabrikasi stainless steel dan mesin farmasi supplier Indonesia Region. Kami menjual berbagai jenis mesin dari berbagai produsen di Indonesia. Hubungi kami jika ingin info lebih lanjut.

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