We welcome anybody and everybody who wants to do GREAT work

    Only ambitious and people hungry for success need to apply

    We only hire the best people



    Job Description

    • Menyusun program rencana kerja bulanan dan tahunan.
    • Membuat laporan aktivitas marketing secara periodik.
    • Melakukan pengelolaan dan monitoring terhadap aktivitas outlet untuk mencapai target penjualan.
    • Menganalisa dan mengembangkan strategi marketing untuk pencapaian target Perusahaan.
    • Membuat konsep marketing atau promo sebagai kegiatan penunjang peningkatan volume penjualan.
    • Melakukan pengelolaan terhadap seluruh kegiatan marketing atau relasi, seperti : promosi, media relations, media monitoring, advertising dan sebagainya.


    Ke halaman perekrut
    Lowongan pekerjaan ini kemungkinan telah berakhir.

    Deskripsi Perusahaan

    We are a new company who will launch our baby diaper brand soon

    We are looking for a team of ambitious young people who wants to create a great career path together


    Our hiring criteria is simple:

    We only want A+ players who are looking to have a great career and want to achieve great things in life


    People who have a HUNGER to constantly grow into your full potential & pushing the boundaries of your abilities to become the best version of you


    Why join us?

    • We are a new company. So there are lots of room to grow and climb the career ladder as all important positions are still open
    • Work is challenging but fulfilling
    • We will push you to become the best potential that you can be

    Our company’s promise to the team:

    • We create awesome products that customers love
    • We will push each person's abilities so that we all develop to our full potential
    • We will only hire awesome people such as yourself, so you will be surrounded by A+ people 

    We only want A+ people. But what does that mean? Our definition is:

    • People who have a HUNGER to constantly growth and to become the best version of yourself
    • Wants to do achieve something great in life. Who knows that life is short, and would like to do GREAT work that can be remembered
    • Understand that hard work and discipline are the basic requirements to become successful
    • Smart, brilliant, but also humble

    Our company values:

    • Ambitious
    • Hardworking
    • Data-driven to make decisions
    • Hunger to improve oneself
    • Humble