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Deskripsi Perusahaan
Spectrum Ingredients is an established importer-distributor-trader with a food service arm, Hotbake 24/7. It supplies the South-East Asian food and beverage industry with high-quality and innovative ingredients.
Dedicated to delivering competitively-priced goods with honorable and meticulous service, our vision is to provide unparalleled value to all our customers from small to industrial scale.
Thanks to our wide and loyal customer base in South East Asian / ASEAN countries, Spectrum Ingredients is able to import and distribute in large scale, ensuring that our customers receive fresh goods on time and at the best rate.
In order to guarantee the excellence of our products, we insist on strict quality control measures from our suppliers and do not cut corners when it comes to maintaining the quality and freshness of our ingredients. An example of how we are able to achieve this is through keeping virtually all of our products in cold storage at controlled temperature and humidity levels while awaiting delivery to our clients. Also, in order to ensure enhanced attention to quality and performance Spectrum has achieved HACCP status. Spectrum’s suppliers typically have EMP, HACCP, Halal and ISO certifications.

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