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Deskripsi Perusahaan
Cascadiant combines extensive experience as a leading solutions integrator in technology deployment with a thorough understanding and demonstrated success in conducting business in the new green economy.   Through best in breed partnerships, Cascadiant utilizes its local deployment, maintenance and ongoing service capability to provide customers with fully integrated solutions throughout the energy sector.
Cascadiant recognizes that many of the most innovated green companies today are singularly focused on providing individual technologies such as wind, solar, energy storage, fuel cells etc.  While each of these technologies are an important part of a companies green strategy, they can only offer a portion of the solution.  In the past the responsibility for proper deployment and risk of early adoption of such technologies fell onto the companies using them.
Cascadiant solves these issues for companies through a full turnkey approach that includes the integration of various technologies from numerous companies coupled with innovative financial solutions and a complete suite of after market support, warranty, monitoring and maintenance services.
Each of Cascadiant’s solutions are custom designed to the exact requirements and specifications to meet the individual customers needs.

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