Project - Construction Manager

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    Job Purpose

    To manage projects of varying sizes from feasibility study phase to tendering, development and completion of project so as to ensure smooth work progression and completion within target time and budget.

    Duties & Responsibility

    Conduct Project Appraisal & Scope Identification
    • Lead feasibility study process on technical and financial development appraisal via value management/ engineering of project whole life cycle costing
    • Identify, define and set project agreements to meet the needs and expectation of interested parties, especially those of customers and users
    • Define project scope by method statement, identifying constraints, assumptions, acceptable deliverables by the customers, highlight milestones and high- level work breakdown structure
    • Maximise company profit (through cost-effective designs, improvements to the contract, and recognition of additional scope or new business opportunities)
    Perform Operational Activities Management, Integration & Change
    • Create various types of schedule commonly used to assess, interpret and report on the control of project
    • Set up plan to monitor, control, report on project progress, control the schedule, conduct progress measurement aspect and identify the implications to the project
    • Set up system to ensure proper implementation of HSSEn during the entire project’s life-cycle in project planning, execution and decommissions and disposal
    • Ensure project control activities are fully auditable via the completion of final financial statements, claims administered and all ensure all relevant data is recoverable.
    • Lead project integration and establish order within project via activity sequencing, ordering completion of activities and following milestones planned using key system and hierarchical structures
    • Mange project control by preventing scope change request from overwhelming the project. Manage change control process on variations to project specification or contract terms with stakeholders, monitored against original project goals and objectives.
    Manage Cost, Finances & Procurement Process
    • Operate project control system, collection of data and prepare specific cost report.
    • Establish project control budget and specify required resources to achieve the defined objectives such as development and application of estimate on budgetary areas
    • Forecast the use of project financial resources via establishing the current project financial status, assessing potential future cost including changes, potential commitments, retentions,, risk and post completion liabilities and applying techniques to estimate project financial out turn
    • Mange Finances using tools such as profit and loss, cash flow and charge rate mechanisms
    • Oversee process buyer and seller review of the contract and work result to ensure that the result match the contract deliverables
    Perform Risk Management
    • Identify nature in various aspects associated with your area of business/ practice by evaluating the application of the various methods and technique used to measure/ control & mitigate risks; assessing their effectiveness and outcomes of future actions
    • Engage in conflict management under the advice of the HR Department through various methods/ channels such as employee counseling, mediation, dispute resolution and arbitration for all project stakeholder
    Manage Communications
    • Lead critical team meetings and communication major issues to key project team personal for discussion and problem solving
    • Mange team communication alignment via dissemination of all relevant information on the project and company messages to all employees, Sub-contractors and vendors
    Conduct Quality Management & Project Shut Down
    • Monitor and conduct inspection of the quality and workmanship of the sub-contractors the work progress phase and completion phase of the project with clients
    • Manage project shut down by through documentation to ensure all finances closed-out; capturing lessons learned; contract closed and updates on all company process assets
    Job Specification
    • Degree in Civil Engineering
    • At least 3 -5 years relevant experience gained from a Civil/ Marine construction industry
    • Familiar with ISO and OHSAS procedure
    • Excellent with Project Management
    • Ability to understand detail engineering drawings
    • Create an effective project plan, prioritize tasks and create milestones
    • Good negotiation skill
    • Excellent interpersonal skill
    • Excellent written and verbal communication in English and preferably in anthers Asian Language (e.g. ; Mandarin, Bahasa and Bengali)
    • Team oriented
    • Attentive to details
    • Ability to handles stress

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