Deskripsi Pekerjaan

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities

1. Monitor and endeavor to maintain high student morale and motivation at all times, both in the Employee’s specific classes and the School in general.

2. Work as necessary to achieve the successful day-to-day operation of classes and the maximum progress of students under the responsibility of the Employee.

3. Assist in maintaining general school discipline and the overall operational stability, integrity and professional image of the School.

4. Monitor and enforce student attendance and punctuality.

5. Counsel individual students regarding attendance, punctuality, academic progress, professional development, and behaviour as required and in co-operation with the Programme head and Administration

6. Liaise with parents or employers if necessary and appropriate and provide both informal and formal school reports as required.

7. Maintain accurate and up-to-date records.

8. Maintain confidentiality in matters relating to individual students.  Student matters are considered to be confidential and are to be discussed on a professional basis with Management team only. Student matters of a confidential, personal, or sensitive nature are not to be a general topic of discussion between staff. 

9. Be available to students outside normal class hours for questions and individual consultant for a reasonable period of time each week. 

10. Be diligent in conducting of classes and be punctual for classes and other activities, ensure complete class sessions according to course schedules and notify the School (except in emergencies) as early as possible with respect to absences.



1. Minimum a Bachelor's Degree in Business Tourism and Hospitality or equivalent qualification from a well-known overseas University

2. At least 5 years industry experience with preferably 2 years lecturing experience in a similar capacity

3. Dynamic and enthusiastic, with an interest to nurture students and to help them achieve their potential

4. Can adapt to a multi-cultural setting with strong interpersonal skills and an ability to handle students of different nationalities

5. High proficiency in English is MANDATORY






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