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Deskripsi Perusahaan
INTERPACK aims to use the latest technology and advanced to ease the production process in the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry, and the various industries that require packaging.
Established since 1990, we have to meet the needs in the areas of packaging for the food industry, Pharmaceutical and Chemical. We provide the state of the art packaging technology to integrate high tech tecnology and our effort. We specialize in the Packaging Machinery proven from the many requests from our customers around the world. We have become a market leader in Indonesia and have been exporting our packaging machines in the various countries in the world. We strive to bring our customer satisfy when using our packaging machine product and we provide what the customer want.
With our experience for decades in the field of packaging machinery we provide solutions and long-term investment for our customers to gain profit . On time delivery, after-sales service and customer care will become the most important in the sustainability of our business. Wherever you are and in any conditions, we are able to provide service and satisfaction for all of you. New design and products and reliability we always prior in order to answer the challenges that will always happen. With high technology and the affordable price, you will get everything from INTERPACK.

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