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  • Uber is a technology web portal services company. We Uber’s affiliate makes a smartphone app that provides users with an on-demand, private car service that takes them safely and smoothly to where they need to go, in dozens of countres and hundres of cities around the world - at the push of a button.
  • On another level, Uber and its affiliates is about applying mobile technology, data-driven decision making, and world-class. operations teams to solve a massive, offline problem: urban transport.
  • These are early days. Come join us, and help us build a new fabric for urban logistics that is redefining the way people experience and get around a city.

  • At the core of the Uber business is customer support. This is why Uber is now looking for a Community Operations Specialist, who will champion user support efforts for Indonesia
  • You will be the person in the city for monitoring and actively improving the customer experience
  • At Uber, we do everything in our power to make Uber unlike any other company out there by means of providing mindblowing support for our end users. We’re always looking for unique and exciting ways to solve the most challenging problems end users in cities we operate in encounter. Through excellent support, we take dissatisfied users and turn them into our strongest evangelists.
  • This role is about taking support to a whole new level, from reactive support to proactively providing guidance, assistance to all our customers, and spreading UberLove all over different cities globally

  • Passionate and obsessed about growing Uber through excellent support. You will be revolutionizing the concept of support at Uber. You’re excited about tackling head on the most challenging problems and questions from riders and partner-drivers.
  • Cool and calm under pressure. Dealing with new and different challenges among a wide range of rider and partner-driver cultures excites you.  You have a way to anticipate challenges that come your way and you like finding resolutions, using all resources available to you.  You can move quickly with care. You embrace change and can absorb new information during times of pressure without losing composure during exchanges with the user. 
  • Incredibly empathetic and understanding.  You are easily adaptable to the emotion and tone of the rider or partner-driver you are dealing with.  You are able to identify and resolve their issues quickly while knowing how to shift and adjust your approach with each of them.
  • Word and tech savvy.  A rider or a partner-driver will appreciate having you on the other end of the line, as you are confident and knowledgeable of the product. This makes you awesome to exchange info with.  You’re very comfortable using either written or spoken English to handle user concerns over email, through instant messaging or over a call.  You also embrace most, if not all, things tech-related, thus your obsession with our product.
Job Description
  • You are at the forefront of rebuilding Uber to be a brand not only known for its amazing product, but for its awesome customer service.  You will deliver only the best customer service for riders and partner-drivers globally across multiple support platforms: email, live chat/ instant messaging and phone
  • You are that charming, natural problem-solver the riders and partner-drivers will love.  You understand them and will do your best to reach the resolution needed.  You will cause riders to continue riding, and partner-drivers to continue operating on the platform.  You will also be the reason that riders and partner-drivers will rave about the brand and will advocate for us to get more people to be users of the app.
  • You are ambitious not only for the company and our vision, but also for your career.  As you grow within the organization, you proactively share how you think we could improve the way we do things and drive these changes - after all, in Uber, we embrace new ideas and constant change.
  • Bachelor degree from a good institution, any field
  • Work experience of 0-3 years in a high intensity, fast paced environment
  • Excellent in both written and spoken English
  • Exceptional comprehension and writing skills
  • High proficiency using computers (typing, quickly navigating between various tools) and softwares
  • Excellent problem solving skills, able to connect effectively what users are asking for with answers to their true issues
  • Passion for creating support experiences that exceed users’ expectations
  • Willingness to work in a team environment, contributing to a synergistic work environment where people learn from one another and continuously improve processes on behalf of users
  • An Uber evangelist — you care deeply about the product and getting others excited to ride and partner with Uber
  • Work experience in customer-centric industries (ex. Hotels, airlines, banking)
  • Extensive experience dealing with different markets (countries) and having good understanding of cultural differences
  • Preferred: basic SQL, basic data analysis, and EXCEL

  • Ground floor opportunity with the team; shape the direction of the company
  • The rare opportunity to change the world such that everyone around you is using the product you built
  • We’re not just another social web app, we’re moving real people and assets and reinventing transportation and logistics globally
  • Sharp, motivated, hard-working co-workers in a fun office environment

  • You will be part of a great team.  We’re building something awesome that we get to share with the world. You must be ready to get your hands dirty, but also think strategically and bring the voice of Uber to everyone!

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Drive with Uber in Malaysia and Be Your Own Boss

Money. Freedom. Flexibility

Drive with Uber in Malaysia and Be Your Own BossMoney. Freedom. Flexibility Uber is a smartphone application that connects riders to drivers. Demand is growing by the day, and we want you to cash in on all the rides you can give to help people get around town! 



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