Deskripsi Pekerjaan

  1. Has a high enthusiasm in doing his job.
  2. Knowledge in the field of plastic industry (Injection & Blowing).
  3. The principles of management of production planning and inventory management
  4. Knowledge of plastic raw materials and auxiliary materials.
  5. Knowledge base machine Injection / Blowing and machinery supporters.
  6. Have knowledge of quality management systems.
  7. Have the ability Problem Solving & Decision Making.
  8. Ability to communicate and coordinate work well.
  9. Have a high initiative in doing the job.
  10. Have the ability, willingness and commitment to work in teams (good team player) and behave well and support each other in team work.
  11. Product Knowledge PT. Biggy Cemerlang
  12. Able to manage all resources effectively and efficiently.
  13. Have the skills of negotiation and convince others.
  14. Ability to use computer applications, especially MS Office.
  15. Having extensive knowledge.
  16. Having knowledge about 5R (Quick, Neat, Rehearsal, care, Diligent)
  17. Understand English verbal / writing, at least passive.



Next Career is the Executive Search of ( Currently, We are representing one of our valuable clients in Manufacturing Industry . They are a Big Local company that currently is looking for a Supervisor PPIC to be based in their head office in Jakarta. Some of responsibilities of Supervisor PPIC that they are looking for are:

  1. Responsible directly to the Supply Chain Manager on the production process of a product that can be implemented optimally and efficiently as possible.
  2. Carry out planning, supervision, and production output settings based on the time line that has been created and assigned.
  3. To supervise and monitor the scheduling of the production process in the sub contractor.
  4. To coordinate internal departments to maintain the stability of the stock and the need for raw materials / auxiliary materials for the production process.
  5. Coordinate with Marketing Department and the Department of Quality Assurance for the manufacture or Packing standard changes and standard color for a product.
  6. Maintain and foster a good working relationship with the sub-contractor.
  7. Implement fine manual implementation of SOP Production Planning Inventory Control.
  8. Do the human resources development efforts under this position to achieve the technical and managerial competence optimum.
  9. Always strive to do the development themselves from all sides, both as individuals and as team members work to increase the value of the efficiency and productivity of human resources.
  10. Carry out assessment work for members of the organization of this department at the specified time.
  11. Provide guidance and training necessary for the members of the organization department under the function of this position.
  12. Ensuring 5R program implemented properly in the organization's environment department.
  13. Perform duties in other tasks instructed by superiors as well as possible to its conclusion.

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Deskripsi Perusahaan
Next Career is the Executive Search division of We are focusing on Middle Manager and Above for diverse industries such as: FMCG Retail IT ( Manufacturing Financial Services (Banking Insurance and Multi-Finance) etc.\n \nWe are ready to assist you in finding the right talent in the market

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