Maintenance Technician



    Main Responsibility :
    • The maintenance worker shall be responsible for the security at the current working day and the effective maintenance work.
    • The maintenance worker shall ensure to complete the equipment inspection, metal pollution inspection, period maintenance of transfering production, emergent maintenance and weekly, monthly maintenance task at the current day, and shall guarantee the maintenance quality.
    • To abide by the security policy and percedure stipulated by the HB Fuller company and the State at any place and any time during the work.
    • Taking charge of the security to PG15 and Labor worker and the effective operation so as to ensure the work is completed by them in time. 
    • Training PG15 and labor workers some maintenance skills.
    Primary Duties :
    • To carefully execute daily inspection, especially the inspection to the key point of the equipment.
    • To carefully execute inspection about the metal pollution and insect pollution.
    • To execute maintenance to the equipment weekly and monthly according to the maintenance procedure.
    • To fast respond to the emergent maintenance task and resume operation of equipment with the fast speed.
    • To assist the engineer or director to complete the improvement of distributed project with safety, punctuality, quality guarantee. 
    • To ensure the safety stock related to self- spare parts.
    • To be proficient in using STOP card to report the safety condition.
    • Coordinating the works of PG15 and labor workers;
    • Independently resolving equipment issues.
    • Communicating with other departments and resolving on-site issues in time.
    • Minimizing the complaints rate of maintenance from other departments.
    Required Skills :
    • The person who is in priority in the field of manufacturing, especially in chemical industry or bond industry.
    • Possessing at least three-year mechanical and electrical working experiences.
    • With excellent DIY capability.
    • Be active and initiative, earnest and responsible to the work.
    • Possessing basic operational skills of official software.
    • Possessing excellent teamwork communication ability.
    • Candidate must possess at least a SMU, any field.
    • At least 3 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
    • Preferably Staff (non-management & non-supervisor)s specializing in Maintenance/ Repair (Facilities & Machinery) or equivalent.
    • Full-Time position(s) available.
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