• Take cares elderly people.
  • Observing and recording patients’ behavior.
  • Create harmonious environment in order to provide emotional and psychological support to the patients and their families.
  • Maintaining reports of patients’ medical histories, and monitoring changes in their condition.
  • Carrying out the requisite treatments and medications.
  • Maintaining hygienic and safe environment in compliance with the healthcare procedures.
  • Providing instant care during medical emergencies.
  • Providing necessary guidance on health maintenance and disease prevention.
  • Keeping an eye on each and every aspect of patient care that includes physical activity plus proper diet.
  • Minimum 20 years old
  • Speak Mandarin min HSK lvl 5 or Japanese min N 3
  • Have work experience and certificate/license as a nurse
  • Willing to work at the vessel
  • Pleasant personality, energetic and able to work long hours and under pressure
  • Have good responsibility
  • Salary $1400/ month
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Deskripsi Perusahaan


Yume Technology is engaged in research and development work of new products focusing on IT companies and leading manufacturers in Japan. We have been receiving project offers from customers such as automobiles, consumer electronics, mobile phone, semiconductor, environmental, medical equipment, and etc. As Japanese companies have been progressing globally in recent years, there are more and more opportunities to interact with oversea branches and factories. Therefore, not only to master English language but also knowledge of environmental conditions in various countries are required, and it's time we develop products in a new perspective.

We, Yume Technology has been actively recruiting engineers from overseas but due to the economic boom in Japan, lots of projects have been offered to us, and we would like to reinforce the recruitment from oversea as well as Japan for further enhance personal.

Therefore, those who would like to involve with Japanese advanced technology, experience Japanese life and culture, and do anything in Japan, why don't you work with us?

夢 テクノロジーは、日本国内の大手製造メーカーやIT企業を中心とした新製品の研究開発業務に携わっています。自動車、家電、携帯電話、半導体、環境、医療 機器等、日々多くの企業からプロジェクトの依頼が寄せられています。近年では日本企業もグローバル化が進み、海外の拠点や工場とのやり取りが日々増加して います。そのため、英語を始めとした言語は勿論のこと、様々な国や地域の環境・風土といった見識を持ちより、今までに無い新しい視点での物作り(製品開 発)が必要となる時代へと変化してきています。夢テクノロジーでは、元々海外からの技術者採用を積極的に行ってきましたが、日本国内の好景気の影響でプロ ジェクトが殺到している現在、更なる人員増強を目的とし、日本国内のみならず、海外からの人材受け入れを一層強化したいと考えています。日本の最先端の技 術に触れてみたい方、日本で生活して文化に触れてみたい方、日本のカルチャーが好きな方、等、理由はなんでも構いません。日本で、私たち=夢テクノロジー と 一緒に働きませんか?