Deskripsi Pekerjaan


  • Junior college graduates (D3) and above (D4-D5) in Agriculture area;
  • At least one-year working experience in Farm produce, Agriculture products OR Tropical plants
  • Study in sago or cassava starch area will be a plus, which internship is counted for experience
  • Have Driving Licenses, familiar with driving in Jakarta
  • Business travel accepted (ex. Sorong, Papua or Kuala lumpur, etc)
  • You practical capability, good communication skill and well attitude to work is what we need most

Language requirement:

  • Indonesia is must also can speak English or Chinese, both will be a plus



  • 最少一年以上在农业产品方面或者热带植物方面的工作经验,莎谷淀粉或者木薯淀粉领域,热带植物研究领域是我们最需要的人才
  • 可以开车(有驾照),接受加班安排,接受出差安排
  • 我们需要有很强的实践能力,很好的沟通能力以及对待工作态度认真有理想的同事
  • 印尼文;可以讲中文或者英文

If you feel that you can meet the qualification and up for the challenge, please send your complete resume and current color photograph by clicking button bellow

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Deskripsi Perusahaan


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