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Deskripsi Perusahaan

PT. Feros Dwitama was founded in 2012 as a distributor and supplier.
We offer a complete range of fire protection and safety equipment. Like
many small companies, it was started with modest capital. Growth in the
early years was slow, but steady.

From designing to installation we have the technical expertise to provide
you with reliable, stateof-the-art systems and equipment geared
towards your needs.

Widely accepted in globally, many of our products have the necessary international approvals.

At PT. Feros Dwitama. we have expenence technical staff to assist you
in your design and supply requirements. We offer in-field training and
hazard analysis to determine the most cost- effective solution to your
requirements. We also provide assistance in testing and commissioning
of fire systems for compliance with NFPA standards and local
government requirements.

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