Deskripsi Pekerjaan


To Manage all Airfreight Department :
Operations Excellence
  • Hold regular meetings with country and local personnel to deliver our regional and global product strategies at the country level and to promote a product teamwork atmosphere.
  • Assess all Branch level product staff, mentoring the high achievers while managing out under performers.
  • Responsible for liaising with other members of the regional product management team on a regular basis in order to define and refine workflows, implementing best practices across the country, and continuously improving operational procedures.
  • Oversee operational excellence in the country ensuring it is aligned with the BP&O policy and the global and regional product directives
  • Ensuring a robust space management program is in place for all trade lanes aligned with regional strategy.
  • Compiling a Monthly Management Report (MMR) covering your areas of responsibility to be sent to Country MD and Regional Product Head.
  • Conducting and implementing studies, surveys, reports as required by Country Management and the Regional Product Head.
  • Maintain product schedules in approved formats as define by the Regional & Global Product.
  • Achieve & maintain yield and GP/unit targets as defined by regional product
Carrier/Supplier Relations and Procurement
  • Monitor Core Carrier Program compliance
  • Develop and manage multi-level relationship with core carriers (strategic and tactical)
  • Benchmark performance against other carriers and global industry standards.
  • Conduct regular service reviews with all relevant core carriers/supplier within your country
Business Development and Finance
  • Assist Managers with annual budgets for relevant Import and Export Departments and then compile an overall annual budget with Country Finance for presentation to Country MD.
  • Monitor Revenues and GP against monthly budget and report within the Monthly Management Report (MMR) on financials as well as volumes focusing particularly on variances to budget.
  • Jointly responsible for the Profit and Loss of all product departments across the country with local and country management. (Matrix Org.)
  • Report any financial issues or concerns to Country Head of Finance monthly and copy Country MD.
  • Discuss and deploy GP growth initiatives within your product and Sales Management pushing always for increased GP.
  • Responsible for driving your products sales growth through attending all country sales meetings and conference calls.
  • Attended all country trade lane meetings and conference calls
  • Create and develop 5 joint target accounts per year with country level sales management.
  • Make face to face sales calls as the product expert according to set targets (per month)
  • Jointly develop country account strategies with sales management.
  • Support local sales when requested.
  • Assist sales management in developing the overall sales strategy for the country to ensure your product is proportionately represented.
  • Responsible for both RFQ pricing and tariff pricing and maintenance within the country
Product Development
  • Consistently assess your markets to ensure the correct products are in place to service our customers’ needs and develop new products as required.
  • Support trade lane development with new products as required
  • Develop and deploy country and regional hub/gateway strategies.
  • Monitor and enforce country and regional hub/gateway programs
  • Monitor all co-load volumes with the goal of bringing as much in-house as fast as possible.
  • Ensure compliance with any approved co-load program.
  • Ensure correct TGF documentation and policies are being utilized in all locations as per product policy
General Management and Administration
  • Responsible for representing the Company as and when required whilst upholding at all times the reputation and brand of TGF, including attending company functions, entertaining and maintaining both customer and carrier relationships.
  • Ensure comprehensive job descriptions are in place for all direct reports
  • Ensure consistent and comprehensive job descriptions are in place for all local level product employees.
  • Monitor direct reports on a daily basis (attendance, performance, annual leave etc.).
  • Ensure staff assessments are conducted in a timely manner as per company guidelines.
  • Hold regular meetings for information flow.
  • Assist and coach your direct reports in daily duties.
  • Monitor staff costs and expenses as per budget requirements.
  • Encourage and motivate business growth with staff.
  • Engage in mentoring high potential employees
  • Apply management control in various operational areas across the country aligned with BP&O and regional product.
  • Responsible for solving problems on a daily basis, including those related to staff, operations and human resources for your direct reports.
  • Responsible for career path development and training as required for your direct reports.
  • Jointly responsible with regional and country management for all regulatory compliance as it applies to your product.
  • Attend all regional meetings as required.
  • Compiling product reports as required covering your country as required by regional product and country management.
  • Report to fellow country product managers and your regional product manager updates regarding carrier relationships, market information and intelligence on an ongoing basis.
Requirements :
  • Minimum bachelor degree in related field, Master degree is a plus
  • At least 5 years experience, focused on air freight
  • Strong command of spoken and written in English
  • High level of leadership, and can do attitude
  • Dynamic and fast moving to deliver expected / agreed results

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