Deskripsi Pekerjaan

Do tax accounting work on the basis of the national laws and regulations of taxation in order to fulfill the taxation obligations. Help the accountant officer regulate the process of financial accounting, carry out accounting supervision, and implement internal control management, to ensure the safety of the company’s properties, the accuracy and promptness of financial accounting information.


  1. Verify and dispose the account, in order to make sure the promptness, accuracy, and completeness of entering items into account, and to be responsible for doing the accounting of ledger and general ledger.
  2. Prepare monthly and annual financial statements of the company, analyze the financial condition and business performance, and therefore provide the interpretation report.
  3. Verify the original voucher in accordance with the financial management system, and the financial approval authority of the contract and the company, to confirm whether the payment should be done and whether the procedures are complete, fulfill the duty of audit and confirmation before the payment.
  4. Classify and bind the files of general ledger.
  5. Assist the Finance Supervior to do the relevant works.
  6. Assist the group to learn and do research on accounting in addition to laws and regulations of taxation
  7. Handle the affairs on taxation.
  8. Do the prediction, budget, track analysis, prepare reports and make suggestions on fund procurement of the company’s capital.




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