Deskripsi Pekerjaan


Marketing Communication Manager will be responsible to creates, implements and manages marketing communications activities designed to generate program awareness, brand identity, support solution-based-selling, drive business opportunities and stimulate fundraising for the organization. Working closely with program experts within the organization; translates technical information into targeted communications strategies; plans and delivers external communications to stakeholders designed to positively impact the external brand image, identity and promotion, communicate the messages of the organization, and drives fundraising and marketing in similar efforts
Key Result Area (KRA) 1:  Create, implement and manage marketing communication activities to make the organization visible at the local, national and international level in line with the Global Image guidelines.
Indicators for success:
  • Create and implement specific marketing communication activities for related audiences.
  • Develop and implement media action plans to establish and maintain relationships with and promote publications about Plan and its work in media at national level.
  • Maintain relationships with organizations and institutions in Indonesia in order to promote visibility and public recognition of Plan in the country in line with the Strategic Direction.
  • Implement marketing communication strategies in all related working areas of the organization, in line with the overall marketing strategies.
  • Support the Resource Mobilization activities with specific communication items required for donor acquisition, retention and services.

Key Result Area (KRA) 2: Develop and implement of marketing communication for Fundraising Programs, to have positive impact on Fundraising.
Indicators for success:
  • Work closely with the Fundraising & Marketing Team, Program Department and partners; translates technical information into targeted communication strategies.
  • Plan and deliver marketing communications materials to stakeholders; to have positively impact to the fundraising, promotion, brand image and identity.
  • Develop the design and production of specific marketing communication tools required and requested for fundraising programs, programs and projects.
Key Result Area (KRA) 3: Actively participate in the marketing management of the organization.
Indicators for success:
  • Participate in the national/global/regional networks, actively contributing to the exchange of best-practices and joint efforts to improve quality and impact of Plan’s programs.
  • Plan and supervise the departmental as well as individuals’ performance.
Knowledge, Skills, Behaviours, and Experience Required to Achieve Role’s Objectives:
Gained through education, training, & experience
University degree in Communications\ Marketing\ Business Management or related fields
Knowledge, skills and demonstrated behaviour: core and functional competencies required for this job with level (i.e. proficient, knowledgeable or aware)
Core competencies:
(Set of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for all Plan-Indonesia staff)
  • Understanding Plan: Understands the role of Plan and context in which Plan works (proficient)
  • Leadership: Cultivates an environment where people are confident to take the initiative, be innovative and learn new ways of working (proficient)
  • Communicates effectively: Adopts an appropriate communication style when communicating with the whole range of colleagues, donors, partners, Children and communities; exhibits active listening and effective feedback; ability to clearly and convincingly express thoughts and ideas in written and verbal form (proficient)
  • Facilitating CCCD: Adopts appropriate tools and methodologies to facilitate disadvantaged children, families (knowledgeable)
  • Management: Manage resources (staff, budgets and work) to deliver results to agreed quality standards; able to apply planning-leading-organizing-controlling skills (proficient)
  • Positive team style: Adopts a team style which adds value to work and reinforces good working practices
  • Child protection awareness: Demonstrates an understanding about the Child Protection Policy and compliance, applies the possible protection measures within the scope of job, and provides inputs for strengthening child protection measures. (knowledgeable)
Functional competencies :
(Set of knowledge, skills and attitudes specific to the managerial, technical or support requirements of the position which may also be discipline specific)
  • Project management: Ability to assess – plan- negotiate-organize- monitor-evaluate measure the success of project (proficient)
  • Development management: Understanding of and ability to serve as development catalyst and practitioner given the country public health issues and Plan mandate (proficient)
  • Networking and collaboration: Establishes good relationships with stakeholders , works cooperatively with other units, maintains networks outside the organization (proficient)
  • Facilitation and Presentation Skills: Effectively handles discussions with a focus on both groups and individuals to enrich participant’s understanding of particular subjects or solutions, understand s process and can diagnose group needs and incentives (proficient)
  • Advocacy skill: Ability to devise strategies, take actions and propose solutions to influence decision-making at the local and national level to create positive change for people and their environment (specific to domestic violence and human rights aspects)- proficient
  • Negotiation skills: Effectively handles partnership elements like contracts/ MOUs,  effectively sorts-out mutual expectations among partners ( including donor), influence positively stakeholders towards a common goal (proficient)
  • Risk Management and conflict management: Understand /can assess potential risks while handling resources. Can assess effectively environmental hazards/political  situation and develop  alternative strategies (risk mitigation strategies)
  • Staff management and development: Ability and skills to managing staff at work and their training & development (proficient)

Experience :
  • Minimum 5-7 years professional experience in promotion and marketing communications. 
  • Relevant agency and/or industry experience preferred.
  • Experience in the implementation and execution of brand strategy
  • Excellent communications and presentations skills as well as exceptional writing and editing skills.
  • Superior project management skills.
  • Online media and Internet marketing experience
  • Experience in graphic design, and social media
  • Knowledge of the print production process and supplier negotiations is desirable.
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office
  • Ability to travel national or overseas up to 90 days annually, sometimes at short notice
Knowledge and Skill :
  • Good understanding about marketing communication concept and practices
  • Good presentation and communication skill
  • Good networking with relevant institutions
  • Good interpersonal skill and team work
  • Understand about human right and child right
  • Good computer skill and Writing skills in English
  • Proven working experience with the community, government, private sector.
  • Skill in organizing resources and establishing priorities.
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain confidentiality.
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong English skills
Key Competencies
  • Team Work
  • Planning and organizing
  • Communication skills
  • Data gathering and analysis
  • Problem analysis and problem solving
  • Presentation skills
  • Facilitation skills
  • Adaptable
  • Team player

Tentang Perusahaan

Deskripsi Perusahaan
Tujuan Kami: Kami memperjuangkan sebuah dunia yang adil untuk pemenuhan hak anak dan kesetaraan bagi anak perempuan.

Plan International didirikan pada 1937 oleh wartawan Inggris John Langdon-Davies dan pekerja kemanusiaan Eric Muggeridge menyusul perang saudara di Spanyol yang membuat jutaan anak menderita. Jose, seorang anak korban perang ditemukan John L.Davies. Dibaju anak ini tertulis pesan dari ayah Jose, ”Ini Jose. Jika kota Santader telah jatuh, saya pasti telah terbunuh. Rawatlah Jose ini.” Sejak itu, pesan kemanusiaan menyebar diseluruh Eropa dan menggerakkan masyarakat untuk membantu anak korban perang. Kerja Plan terus bergerak ke Asia, Afrika dan Amerika untuk membantu meningkatkan kualitas hidup anak-anak terlantar.
Saat ini Plan International bekerja di 21 negara donor dan 51 negara program di seluruh dunia. Di negara donor, staf Plan menggalang dana untuk kesejahteraan anak di negara program seperti Indonesia.
Plan International bekerja di Indonesia sejak 2 September 1969, berdasarkan Nota Kesepahaman dengaan Pemerintah RI. Awalnya Plan International bernama Foster Parent Plan International (FPPI). FPPI pertama kali memulai programnya di Yogyakarta hingga phaseout di tahun 2001.
Pada 1978, FPPI menyebarkan sayap ke pantai Sulawesi Selatan termasuk kota Makassar, Gowa dan Takalar. Pada tahun 1980an, Plan International bergerak ke Jeneponto dan Bantaeng dan akhirnya ke Selayar pada 1997. FPPI meninggalkan Sulawesi Selatan pada 2007. Setelah itu, FPPI masuk ke wilayah Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat. Bergerak ke Bima, Dompu dan akhirnya Sumbawa. Pada awal tahun 90an FPPI dikenal sebagai Plan International Indonesia, dan merambah ke wilayah Jawa Timur, di Ponorogo, Pacitan dan akhirnya Surabaya.
Dari awal tahun 90an hingga 2000, Plan International Indonesia juga bekerja dan membuka kantornya di Jakarta dan Bogor. Lalu, bergerak pindah ke kabupaten Kebumen, Grobogan dan Rembang. Plan International Indonesia juga turut serta dalam penanganan korban bencana seperti di tsunami Aceh (2005 - 2009), Yogyakarta (2005 - 2008), Garut dan Padang (2009).

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