Bussines Development Manager

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    Program Bussines Development Manager will be responsible for end to end strategic planning, designing, formulation and frameworks for all the thematic strategic areas and goals of the current country Bussines Development during its period of implementation. Ensures overall programme integration, advocacy and child centred approach.  Monitors and evaluates short term and long term projects to ensure that the agreed Bussines Development/strategic plan is implemented in its true spirit.
    Dimensions of Role :

    This position reports to  Country Director  Plan Indonesia. 
    Works in partnership with the all managers in Country Office.
    Represents Plan Indonesia in national and interntional forum related to program Bussines Development
    Typical Responsibilities - Key End Results of Position:
    Key Result Area (KRA) 1: Develop various Bussines Development.
    Indicators for success :
    • The thematic Bussines Development (WASH, ECE, MNCH, CP, DRM, YEE, Gender and Youth Participation) are developed as per the core mission goals identifying annual outcomes in close collaboration with managers.
    • Ensure data collected and used for each Bussines Development is bottom up from grass root/community level with full participation of key implementation roles including Manager Implementation, PUM, Technical officers and CDFs.
    • Adopt a participatory approach and involve key stakeholders (internal as well as external) for each Bussines Development formulation from the initiation to completion.
    • Ensure completion of Bussines Development within the given time frames/deadlines as per the agreed work plans and retain the process documentation for each Bussines Development formulation for future references etc.
    • Responsible for implementation of the guidelines for potential partner identification and selection process as and when required.
    KRA 2: Collaborate in the effective execution of the key thematic Bussines Development
    Indicators for success :
    • Work with country Bussines Development team at all levels including partners to ensure smooth execution of each Bussines Development/thematic area.
    • Facilitate proactively within the country Bussines Development team on various practical challenges to adapt relevant actions to execute the objectives of each Bussines Development and its goals.
    • Participate in various common meetings with country Bussines Development team to ensure full involvement in key processes.
    • Work with country Bussines Development team including partners to develop good level of understanding on right based approach. Develop quarterly capacity building program that includes key areas including right based
    Dealing with Problems:
    • Proactively identify possible problems and challenges through use of risk matrix and involve the key relevant stakeholders to resolve it in a timely manner
    • Implement best management practices in problem solving to resolve unforeseen problem.
    • Potential Problems could be, lack of understanding of Bussines Development in CPM implementation, lack of quality partners, lack of skills staff, volatile external situation, change in government programme and policies.
    • Managing programme change away from traditional delivery programmes to rights-based work
    Knowledge, Skills, Behaviors, and Experience Required to Achieve Role’s Objectives :
    Gained through education, training, & experience
    Education and experience:
    Master’s degree with 5 years’ experience in program Bussines Development in any development organization with demonstrated ability to develop program Bussines Development. Experience in or familiarity with sponsorship program management is desirable but not mandatory. Relevant overseas experience will be useful.
    Core competencies:
    (Set of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for all Plan-Indonesia staff)
    Understanding Plan:
    Understands the role of Plan and context in which Plan works (Proficient)
    Cultivates an environment where people are confident to take the initiative, be innovative and learn new ways of working  (Proficient)
    Communicates effectively:
    Adopts an appropriate communication style when communicating with the whole range of colleagues, partners, Children and communities; exhibits active listening and effective feedback; ability to clearly and convincingly express thoughts and ideas in written and verbal form (Proficient)
    Facilitating CCCD:
    Adopts appropriate tools and methodologies to facilitate disadvantaged children, families (Proficient)
    Manage resources (staff, budgets and work) to deliver results to agreed quality standards; able to apply planning-leading-organizing-controlling skills (Proficient)
    Positive team style:
    Adopts a team style which adds value to work and reinforces good working practices (Proficient)
    Child protection awareness: Demonstrates an understanding about the Child Protection Policy and compliance, applies the possible protection measures within the scope of job, and provides inputs for strengthening child protection measures. (Proficient)

    Functional competencies:
    (Set of knowledge, skills and attitudes specific to the managerial, technical or support requirements of the position which may also be discipline specific)
    Development management:
    Understanding of and ability to serve as development catalyst and practitioner -
    given the country context, Plan mandate and the specific programs – health, water & sanitation,  family economic security, social development, learning, research & evaluation (Proficient)
    Program integration and evaluation:
    Ability to assess-plan-negotiate-organize-monitor-evaluate-measure the success of sectoral programs and what they are supposed to deliver  (Proficient)
    Participatory management:
    Ability to involve the members of the team or communities in consensus building and decision making   (Proficient)
    Strategic planning:
    Ability to develop and integrate programs from a total systems perspective (Proficient)
    Buy-in and advocacy:
    Builds ownership and support for programs and promotes programs to stakeholders thus obtaining support for initiatives  (Proficient)
    Networking and collaborating:
    Establishes good relationships with stakeholders and other professionals; works cooperatively with other units, maintains networks outside the organization (Proficient)
    Conflict Resolution:
    Correctly identifies the causes of conflict and fosters joint problem-solving using effective negotiation and mediation skills (Proficient)
    Facilitation skills:
    Effectively handles discussions with a focus on both groups and individuals to enrich participants’ understanding of particular subjects or situations, understands process and can  diagnose group needs and intervenes accordingly (Proficient)
    Solutions focused:
    Effectively analyzes information and provides effective and quality assured solutions (Proficient)
    People orientation and development:
    Coaches colleagues and clients and takes personal interest in the growth of people in the organization; counsels if necessary (Proficient)
    Technological savvy:
    Understands and uses different technological resources (computer, multimedia, internet, software)  (Knowledgeable)
    Demonstrates the attitudes of:
    Integrity, transparency, proactive stance
    Respect for gender equity
    Adherence to child rights
    Based at Plan Indonesia Country Office with at about 10 % travel to projects areas, donor agencies, government offices and partner organization.

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