1. UMur maksimal 35 tahun

2. Pendidikan minimal SLTA atau sederajat

3. Berbadan sehat disertai dengan surat keterangan Dokter

4. Berlakuan baik dibuktikan dengan SKCK

5. Berat badan Proposional

6. Diutamakan yang memiliki sertifikat Security

7. Penempatan Cileungsi - Bogor


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Company Description

For over 20 years we have been successfully fulfilling worldwide demand for quality seafood. The high standard that we follow has made our products being accepted by many countries, like USA, Japan, UK, etc.
Based in Java Island, our company took advantage of its strategic area, close to one of the biggest seafood landing and near to area which has the potential of having an even better quality seafood product. With only 50 km from Jakarta - the capital city - and also from the sea port, we do not have much trouble in transporting our containers for export shipment. Our facilities and sources of supply in Indonesia will guarantee regular flow of supply and punctual delivery.