Deskripsi Pekerjaan


We're looking for a very capable software developer to join our  Game Programmer team. We realize this is a very unique field and not many have game development experience. 
  • If you are new to this field, this could be a very good opportunity to learn new things and grow with us.
  • If you are already experienced, rest assured you'll get paid handsomely for your skillsets. 
The candidate MUST have the following background:
  • Understands a great deal of programming theory and algorithm
  • Have been programming stuff for at least 1 year
  • Fancy of problem-solving everyday
  • Passionate in gaming
  • Friendly, easy to work with, passionate in learning new things
These are nice to have:
  • Has worked on games of any kind
  • Has worked on mobile apps or games
  • Very fluent english
Daily Tasks
  • Build Hidden Object games with our talented team
  • Maintain our old projects as necessary
  • Learn new tech, improve code efficiency consistently
  • Do you accept Fresh Graduate?
    • Yes. As long as you already have long hours of programming experience in any language
  • I have experiences making games with Unity3D but I'm still at college. Will that be a problem?
    • Not a problem. Many have come and said good things about how much they learn from working at our company and also how flexible we can be towards college students' schedule
  • I have none game programming but I do have plenty of experience handling other IT projects (like Java or web tech). I am very passionate in this field though. Can I apply?
    • Sure. We believe the more experience you have in other language / tech, the more you can actually contribute in our projects.

Tentang Perusahaan

Deskripsi Perusahaan
Origaming Media as a 6 years old company has grown from a very tiny startup into one of the fastest growing (lesser known) game studios in Indonesia. The first years incubating the business was extremely difficult as we didn't have a strong foothold but with our persistence attitude, we didn't lose hope and managed to turn from a brink of bankruptcy into a very healthy company today.
A New Chapter.
We realize it's about time we expand our business and therefore, restructure our organization. To keep up with customer's demands, we need more and more high quality talent in Medan area to join our growing team. 

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