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Deskripsi Perusahaan
Hotel Utari began operation on August 18, 1979 with the name Wisma Utari. The name 'Utari' is taken from the name of the hotel owner's mother as a symbol of love and dedication of a child to her mother. From the begining, Hotel Utari was a small inn. However, development continues to be done by gradually increasing the number of rooms and improve the quality of care and service. Until in 1996, Wisma Utari renovated by increasing the number of rooms to 23 rooms with standard type Standard Double Bedroom, Standard Single bedroom 2 standard, and 1 unit meeting room with a capacity of 30 people. With this development, the name change was made into Hotel Utari. With facilities provide such as room service, laundry, adequate parking space, as well as a friendly and quality service and staff, Hotel Utari always trying to make you feel comfortable like at home.

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