Deskripsi Pekerjaan


  • Approves all work requiring permits for the purpose of ensuring compliance with applicable legal codes (e.g. building, health, safety, etc.).
  • Collaborates with Head of School for the purpose of receiving instructions, answering questions, scheduling work, carrying out assignments, and providing information about work in progress.
  • Coordinates activities for the purpose of ensuring safety and security of employees and property and to minimize exposure to injury, loss, and/or liability.
  • Coordinates assigned budget (e.g. plans, controls, monitors, etc.) for the purpose of meeting department objectives in compliance with school financial guidelines.
  • Coordinates with particular school member (e.g. Head of school, principal, teacher, and other trades, etc.) for the purpose of completing projects efficiently and in compliance with financial, legal, and/or administrative functions and ensuring achievement of unit goals and objectives.
  • Diagnoses problems and/or failures in building systems and/or related equipment for the purpose of identifying equipment and/or building repairs and replacement needs.
  • Estimates and procures supplies, materials and/or equipment for the purpose of ensuring availability to support and complete work projects.
  • Oversees assigned area (e.g. classroom, vehicles, tools, equipment, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring all are maintained in safe, clean, and good working condition in accordance with accepted standards.
  • Prepares written materials (e.g. work schedules, work orders, bids, supporting materials, etc.) for the purpose of documenting and communicating activities as required.
  • Repairs, installs materials, and renovates building structures (e.g. cabinets, flatwork, book cases, finish work, roofs, painting, access, minor construction projects, windows, drywall, etc.) for the purpose of providing comfortable and safe working conditions within facilities; complying with building codes; and meeting accessibility/functionality requirements of students, staff, and the public.
  • Responds to emergencies for the purpose of addressing immediate safety and health concerns.
  • Supervises and manages the execution of routine and preventive maintenance programs (e.g. systems for collection of work projects; prioritization, planning, and scheduling of work projects; adjusting work schedules in response to changing priorities; and documenting and communicating information, etc.) for the purpose of maximizing customer service and efficient and effective operations.
  • Supervises assigned personnel (e.g. hiring, evaluating, terminating, scheduling and coordinating activities, professional development/training, advising, etc.) for the purpose of maximizing the efficiency of the workforce, meeting legal requirements and objectives, and ensuring the provision of excellent customer service.
  • Supervises department and personnel activities (e.g. program components, equipment/supplies budget, light duty assignments, critical timelines, contractor assignments, etc.) for the purpose of maximizing the efficiency of department activities.
  • Trains personnel on proper use and maintenance of assigned equipment for the purpose of developing professional trade and safety awareness skills in compliance with district goals.
  • Minimum Bachelor / Diploma in technology.
  • Fluent in English and IT.
  • An ability and willingness to work hard.
  • Committed to egaging, interactive working and education.
  • Ability to use technology in the office.
  • Ability to work collaboaratively as an effective member of the school faculty ( fresh graduates and experienced general affair / technician welcome to apply )

Tentang Perusahaan

Deskripsi Perusahaan
“MIMI”, as a Private Educational School which is Christian-Oriented, aims to provide an excellence in education, that empowers Future Leaders to transform students in balanced and integrated manner, to enhance knowledge, technology and skills, to develop superior characters, attitude and to glory God.
- Creating religious and affectionate atmosphere that carry students to the pious attitude, dedication, and
  glorification to God
- Establishing conductive atmosphere at school to support the teaching and learning process by conducting
  any encouraging teaching, training and guidance to students in order to build their character, self-identify
   and competence.
- Guiding the students not only to prepare them to get a job but also to face life and value the norm.
- Helping the students to be an excellence in education, improving the quality of teaching and learning
   activities, and forming students to be intelligent, independent, creative, skillful and excellence.

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