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InternetSlim (PT. Internet Solusi Layanan Informasi Mandiri) is creative, innovative and professional IT based company in Jakarta that offers cost effective services for companies, corporate and individuals. Our aim is to offer all types of web services and our technical people handle client requirement according to the depth of the issue. The philosophy of our organization is less ambitious by commercial interests but more to find practical and rewarding business solutions.

InternetSlim has served more than 100 industries in Indonesia. We has registered commendable growth in short time. The secret behind this success is the principles we consistently put into practice, business ethics we carefully follow, also our dedication and indefatigable efforts. We make an exhaustive assessment of your existing operation techniques and your visualized business objective by delivering IT- enabled solutions to bridge the gaps. By inculcating Professional Ethics & moral values in our team, we maintain the principles of honesty, reliability & integrity. We pride on being a friendly and approachable IT company.

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