Inventory Planning Supervisor (Exim) (H)



    One of our client, Japanese Export-Import company located in Sudirman, Jakarta Pusat is looking for Inventory Planning Supervisor.
    Job Description:
    [Purchasing Task]
    '- Gathering all the AP invoive within 1 month at the end of every month
    - Updating monthly in/out every Friday according to forecast update from Sales team (If the sales team did give the date, the IPD have to follow up to them and ask)
    - Preparing and Controlling Sales and IPD meeting to review the forecast and the PO to Vendor.
    - Updateing daily in/out if there is an item which consider as critical item.
    - If there is a sudden change in the forecast, immediately do the update for monthly in/out. Do the cancel/add act & advance/postpone the shipment if necessary
    - Calculation AIR Shipment cost if there a request or need
    - Create the PO in SAP and Excel format for Manual PO
    - Checking invoice from forwarder, after that check if the price is the same with the valid quotation. then input the cost in shipping record
    - Stock traking comparison
    - Comparing the PO outstanding data with SAP, if there is a differences do the checking
    - Manage the new sample product arrival
    - Ask the Account statement from forwarder every the end of the month
    - Collecting the original SSPCP document, original BPN, and original PIB from forwarder which then given to the accounting team
    - Analyze and process for the increment from red line to yellow line at Beacukai
    - Always aware about the update of rule which issue by Beacukai
    - Checking all the accepted shipping document (Invoice, Packing List, B/L, Insurance, & COO). Following up the delivery of original document
    - Ask the PIB Draft to forwarder and check it, if it is in  order immediately confirm to forwarder so the original PIB can be submitted to the Bank
    - Give the PIB Draft and follow up to accounting to do the payment to the Bank (payment need to be done on the same date)
    - Create ""Surat Kuasa""
    [Summary of Job Description]
    - Create the Purchase order (PO) to supplier
    - Controling the purchasment by analyze the forecast from Sales and Lead time production from supplier
    - Controlling and follow up the shimpment from supplier (Import)
    - Checking the Invoice from supplier and forwarder, then give to accounting to proceed the payment
    - Controlling the stock level inventory
    - Follow up all the request from related department (Sales,Accounting, & Logistic)"
    • Having experiences in Purchasing/Procurements/EXIM for total around 4 years experience
    • Must have 2 years of Experience as Supervisor
    • Knowing how to handling the Import documents
    • Able to use EXCEL very well and have experience using Sales/Purchase/Stock/Accounting system. (SAP will be favorable)
    • Mastering purchasing, planning inventory control, & Exim
    • Target oriented and willing to work overtime. 
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