Deskripsi Pekerjaan


Job Description:
  • Overall qualified independently in designing the user experiences (UX), interactive rendering, and enhance the usability of application for mobile device.
  • Implementing the mobile application, mobile site design both visual and graphic as well as the interface page, such as icon, theme, background, logo, button etc.
  • Responsible for overall design of mobile application project interface with production and technical team.
  • Responsible for planning and design for the work implementation during seasonal or promotional period or the mobile application or for other online event/campaign/promotion
  • Optimization and humanization for interface according with UX or required by product manager.Always offering commercioganic (something popular and easy accept by market) and creative for multiple targets users.
  • Bachelor degree in Visual Communication & Design, Information Systems, Computer Engineering.
  • Candidates who had mobile application experiences are deserved appropriately relaxed for this condition.
  • Have expert knowledge on UI&UX design and optimization.
  • Expert on graphic design more than 2 years, better with website interface design, candidates could submit testimonial while interview as well.
  • Familiar with the work method of interface and visual design, excellent design language expression ability, good team communication and coordination ability.
  • Proficient in Photoshop, CorelDraw, Flash, Illustrator & InDesign, familiar with HTML, CSS language.
  • Have experience in Web design and mobile application development.
  • Having a portfolio will also be necessary.
  • Fluent English spoken and written, multi-language fields involved preferred
  • CV must in English

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