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Deskripsi Perusahaan

Zethra Consulting established by Mr. Amrullah Azmy and Mr. Ibnu Mintarsyah  based on awareness that human resources are very important in creating the progress of world civilization. The founder believe that human resources can make the the better world. One way to do this is by doing business. Human resources is the most important asset in company. Company need the best human resources to run their business so we need to treat them well. Human resources is the core of business as well as any business idea if it was not run by qualified human resource then the result will not be satisfactory.


The empowerment of human resources is a big issue and needed by all companies. The empowerment must be done correctly and appropriately. Zethra Consulting present to help the company improve its business and instill positive values by empowering human resources correctly and appropriately based on the objectives and the needs of the company. Zethra Consulting’s goals is prepare and develop Human Resources in Indonesia to face globalization and business competition who increasingly stringent especially to MEA (Asean Economic Community).


With combination of knowledge, execution skills, dedicated personnel with officially licensed, and commitment Zethra Consulting hopes to provide dependability, expertise and ability to execute and deliver the best human resources development program to client.

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