Deskripsi Pekerjaan


SKT Production Manager is a position that has duty to oversee and ensure that the entire SKT Process works on vision, mission and company value. To manage and control all activities in SKT Department in order to fit with the plan and meet the target booth related to time, quality, quantity, resources and effective & efficient cost

  • Responsible for all activities in SKT Department
  • The achievement of all the targets in SKT Department both operationally and budget
  • Ensuring the availability of operational standard and in documentation system
  • Ensuring that all operation activities in accordance with safety regulation and policies
  • To carry out planning and strategy in SKT Department  systematically and organized
  • Ensuring the good relationship to all employees and make sure they get the same treatment
  • To do interviewing, screening, and hiring to new employee
  • To manage labor requirement, production planning, stock management, production facilities, development & innovation related to system, process and technology effectively
  • To realize the SKT Department objectives through budget management, target & KPI and also presenting program report accompanied with highlight if there is significant variance
  • To implement good people management practices that in line with the company’s strategic HR policies
  • Conducting customer focus approach to all activities in Secondary Department
  • To decide SKT department operational activities within the limits of the annual budget set
  • To evaluate subordinate performance, arbitrates and propose functions
  • To propose acquisitions that can increase SKT Department performance
  • Minimum Bachelor Degree in any major
  • Has experience minimal 5 years in Tobacco Company as SKT Production Manager
  • Willing to be placed in Jatim
Softskill : Leadership, Communicative, Decision making, Problem solving, managerial


Assertive, sociable, discipline, details and responsible


Ms. Office, SAP

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