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YAMINDO is a Joint Venture company between Indonesia and Japan based in Pandaan, Pasuruan which established in 1976. YAMINDO is stand for Yanmar Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Indonesia. It has been almost 40 years YAMINDO is active to produce and develop numerous agricultural machineries as a support for mechanism in Agriculture and cultivating both in Indonesia and around the globe.
Meanwhile, higher needs of staple foods and energy become our motivation to keep abreast of necessity and technology from time to time. Thus, our company is focused on expanding our commercial products not only for domestic markets but also international. Since YAMINDO is one of YANMAR subsidiaries that has a mission to do utmost in providing advanced solutions for human beings and our customers specifically.
And as what the great spirit of YANMAR founder says, “Grateful to serve for a better world” 


Jalan Surabaya - Malang Km 45 Pandaan Pasuruan

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