Deskripsi Pekerjaan

Data Scientist is one of key-role in Big Data Team. Candidate is expected to provide consultation on how to build machine learning ecosystem for financing company, come up with ideas how machine learning can help business, conduct end-to-end lifecycle process of machine learning models, communicate technical ideas and result to non-technical users in written & verbal forms, and strengthen the knowledge inside and outside the team.


  • Work with data engineers to built ecosystem for machine learning.
  • Being pioneers and ambassadors to bring machine learning to all parts of the company.
  • Work on machine learning models that would have an immediate and massive impact on the business.
  • Utilize enormous amount of data, both unstructured and structured data
  • Share knowledge to the team and outside team
  • Passionate to solve real-world problems using machine learning techniques
  • Work with local and HQ data engineers to built ecosystem for machine learning.
  • Work with other departments to generate business ideas, consult for predictors, and present the result of research.