Deskripsi Pekerjaan

     - Establish Enterprise Data Lake.
     - Write automated job for data collection, with a proper monitoring and notification system.
     - Integrate to various data sources: Databases (Relational & NoSQL), Text Files, Web Services, Emails, Log Files, Websites, Call Recordings, IVR, Cloud data sources, etc.
     - Transform various data formats: tables, delimited text, free text, JSON, HTML, XML, sound-wave, bitmaps, etc.
     - Research for optimal solution in building data lake. It could be research on software, hardware, procedures, best practices, or new data sources.
     - Share findings and lesson-learned to BICC team and other teams on BI Forum, with well explained documentation on Confluence.
     - Implement all task and ad-hoc requests in high quality with proper analysis, code documentation (well commented and stored in Git), and high quality testing.
     - Provide expertise and consultation about data architecture and infrastructure.
     - Cooperate with Business Intelligence and other IT teams located in Jakarta and Czech Republic.
     - Implement machine learning algorithms provided to scalable distributed system.
     - Lead projects and specific technology
Minimum Qualifications
     - Master / Bachelor in Computer Science / Computer Engineering / Information Technology
     - Having more than 5 years of professional experience in data field, from various position such as ETL (Extract Transform Load) developer, database administrator, or EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) developer.
     - Able to converse in English fluently.
     - 5+ years of experience with SQL (Oracle, MySQL, Hive, etc).
     - 3+ years of software engineering experience (Java, Python, R), with Git as versioning tool.
     - 3+ years of experience with ETL tool (Pentaho, DataStage, SSIS, ODI, Spark, etc)
     - 3+ years of experience with any of Linux distro.
     - Basic knowledge of Hadoop ecosystem is an advantage.
     - Experience in NoSQL database (neo4j, MongoDB, HBase) is an advantage.
     - Crave for new technologies with fast learning and understanding process.
     - 'No wall can stop me' behaviour.
     - Friendly
     - Leader by nature

Tentang Perusahaan

No. Telepon

021 - 29539655 ext : 73109


Gd.Plaza Oleos Lt.8 - 10, Jl.TB Simatupang No.53A

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