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Job Description Become the in-house expert for database related stuff Maintain cermati database system i.e. figure out if there's slow queries and how to optimize them, monitor hardware performance and provide suggestion on how to scale up and improve performance, advise software engineers on how to create better DB queries Provision databases in the cloud and install monitoring/alerting system for the DB Help the analytics team to improve the data ETL process and speed. Qualifications At least 2 years experience in doing database administration related to postgreSQL preferably in a tech startup, tech company Understand how to do performance monitoring in the cloud by using common monitoring services/plugin or use a vendor to monitor databases Able to suggest good solution for performance monitoring Understand the fundamental of database theory like BCNF normalization, 3NF normalization, relational algebra, how database are implemented, etc. Experience managing MongoDB is a plus but postgres is more important (and required) Has experience optimizing queries in postgres/mongoDB and understand the theories behind DB indexes (how many index are there, why use this type of index vs others, has experience optimizing index in a production system with millions of rows) Detail oriented and analytical. Not afraid to troubleshoot production system and has a paranoid attitude to make sure the system is running 24/7   Please send your application + photograph by clicking “APPLY NOW” (for Member & Non Member) jobsDB

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Jl. Letjen. S. Parman, Tomang, Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia