Deskripsi Pekerjaan

- Menjaga hubungan baik antara Grab & Partner GrabFood
- Memastikan konten aplikasi akurat (harga benar, foto & menu lengkap, jam operasional betul)
- Membantu perbaikan konten baik yang tertampilkan maupun tidak di aplikasi Grab perihal partner GrabFood
- Mendorong promosi dari partner untuk ada di aplikasi GrabFood
- Meningkatkan penjualan GrabFood dari partner tersebut
- Membagikan kolateral pemasaran (stiker, kantong, dll)

PT Danamas Insan Kreasi Andalan (DIKA) was established in Jakarta on May 2nd 2012.  Focussing its business in marketing and sales capability and capacity development
PT DIKA is the first sales company in Indonesia Combining marketing concept and excellent sales execution Capturing new opportunities for profitable growth.  PT DIKA recruit speciific people required, trainning, deploy and manage Ensuring the task we execute will meet the expectation and contribute additional values  to the clients, Exploring the capability of human resources,with strongly believe
To contribute to the country in the area of human resource empowerment by building character, knowledge,  and skills, particularly in marketing and salesmanship.
1.Building a proffesional sales recruitment and training centre
2.Proffesionally managing sales job of client
3.To build an independent, institutionalized and profitable company

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