Deskripsi Pekerjaan

  1. Provide the daily, weekly and monthly sales reports across concepts and channels for internal and external stakeholders
  2. Work on monthly management reporting for MAA leadership with relevant insights on business performance
  3. Work with finance on overall digital expenses and preparation and review of Ecommerce P&Ls
  4. Provide data and insights on several of the Digital CRM databases
  5. To support the Performance Marketing Vendor with relevant sales reports to creates ROAS reports
  6. Assess the quarterly Budget Reforecasting with Finance and Merchandising team by analyze the sales performance in order to forecast the sales achievement within a year
  7. Continuously enhance the Quality and minimize the margin of Error, and appraise the scalability of the overall data by coordinate with fellow stakeholder & IT departments in order to create a solid architecture behind E-Commerce


  • Special skills :
    • SQL Proficient is a must
    • Data Architecture knowledge
    • Excel Proficient
    • Data Visualization
    • Business Intelligence concept
    • Understand the concept Data Warehouse
    • English Skills
    • Communication Skills
    • Analytical Thinking