Deskripsi Pekerjaan

Job Description:

Provide daily administrative support services for various departments of the company,

Responsible for employee welfare, health and safety, office optimization, and other administrative operations and daily management initiated by the department;

Responsible for the company's travel air tickets, hotel reservations and related expenses statistics and settlement;

Responsible for company employee attendance statistics;

Responsible for collecting the company's financial related documents and docking with the financial department for delivery;

Responsible for the statistics and settlement of the company's rent, water and electricity property expenses;

Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.


Strong resistance to pressure, good time management awareness, high degree of routine work, clear and organized work, good at summarizing statements, having a holistic view and project foresight and forward-looking awareness;

Have an excellent sense of service, a high sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit, be able to maintain a good working relationship with superiors and employees, and communicate effectively;

Familiar with image processing and video editing software and various daily office software, able to independently organize large-scale team activities and have a sense of innovation;

Enthusiastic and cheerful, with good emotional management skills, integrity, fairness, and affinity.