Deskripsi Pekerjaan

Do you want to go stepping up your next career? Do you feel challenged working in a startup company? Are you interested in English speaking environment?
TechGrid Asia is hiring!Set an eye for a focus-on-detail career? Start here at TechGrid!Headquartered in Singapore, we have expanded to Indonesia with an office in Yogyakarta.
Our company focuses on providing support and development matters.Currently, we are looking for someone who can enggaged between company, client, jobseekers and partners. You can learn A-Z about customer services, marketing from our experts while also expanding your knowledge of the whole business world along with its supporting aspects.What you will learn:
Experience working with the experts in the related field who will gladly share their knowledge and experience. Grant yourself a bigger opportunity to speed up your career growth in the IT world in the near future.
Develop your communication skills when you are asked to explain your decisions and/or elaborate on your thought processes to the team and even clients. Be open to receiving feedback to excel in work.
Be a more resourceful person as you manage to find innovative solutions to every problem you're encountering in this collaborative programming environment. Your experience here will be very beneficial.
What you will do:
We are looking for both planner and doer – someone who enjoys taking time to understand the scope of the problem before proposing solutions; and someone who relishes the tasks of implementation once the plans have been set.
In addition to help us grow our development practices at Techgrid Asia, this role also has the opportunity to work with some of our clients to design and develop their application.
     - Aspired in the field of IT project management
     - Critical thinking and Hardworking is a plus
     - The role demands intensive English writing and speaking.
     - Good communication and team player
     - Ability to coordinate a small team of developer
Key Responsibilities :
     - Will be project assistant to more senior PM in the team. 
     - Work closely with SDM to support the project administration work of TechgridAsia in Singapore HQ