Deskripsi Pekerjaan

  1. Able to work Collaboration in Team or Individual with a different role
  2. Able to use Project Management tools Like Jira, Trello, Etc
  3. Analytical Thinking
  4. Fast Learn
  5. Has Experience to know Planning , Execute Timeline and Project Scope
  6. Good Communication & Negotiation Skill
  7. Bachelor Degree Information Systems or Technology
  8. Has Experience Leadership is a plus
  9. Understand & Help to Communicate in Integration API / Database
  1. EXECUTION: Leads, Monitoring & Manage Sprint Development; Project Budgets; Project Planning; Manage Scope Development; Reporting; Understanding to Business Flow
  2. DECISION MAKING: Problem Solving; Evaluate Issue
  3. make sure team will be focus to their task
  4. make sure there is no conflict between Internal Team
  5. make sure there is no conflict between External Team