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    DESKRIPSI PEKERJAAN Position description: Under the direction of the Account Payable Accountant, execute all payments and comply with the firms policy and procedures.   Duties and Responsibilities: Handle the petty cash fund and daily cash & bank payment transactions Maintain the petty cash book and a log book of all paid vendors’ invoices and/or unpaid  vendor’s invoices Maintain the petty cash fund within a certain balance Ensure all petty cash transactions and cash & bank payments’ transactions are recorded under the proper accounting code Ensure all payments comply with cash and bank policies and procedures Prepare all monthly accrual expenses and submit to Account Payable Accountant Input all payment transactions into the system Prepare receipt advice for every vendor’s invoices for a week payment process Prepare settlement advance and ensure their settlement within three working days, and follow up unsettled advances regularly Distribute any payments to all vendors/suppliers and all employees, as requested Ensure all petty cash vouchers and disbursement voucher are properly stamped “Paid” Submit all payment vouchers to the accounting department for filing on a daily basis Liaise with the bank officer and delivery services (Securicor) on cash and bank payment related issues, i.e. prepare LLG report for every payment more than US$ 10,000 or equivalent Consult with the Account Payable Accountant for cash and bank payment issues Other responsibilities as assigned.  Qualifications : Diploma graduate or equivalent with a minimum of two years’ work experience, Adequate knowledge of computerized accounting systems, Trust worthy, high-energy level, Ability to work with detail and under pressure, Adequate English communication skill and good organizational skills. Only qualified candidates based on the sole discretion of HHP will be invited for written tests and interviews. Please submit your application by 21 October 2016 at the latest including: a cover letter detailing why you will be a good fit for this position, and your latest resume.

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    DESKRIPSI PEKERJAAN Cash Accountant Duties and Responsibilities: Monitor and execute the payment processing (via online banking, cheque, or cash advance) and ensure all approval is adequate to process payments Ensure that payments are processed in timely basis for operational activities (to vendors and employees) Review all advance requests listing from other departments Monitor and review the settlement advances and ensure this settlement within three working days Prepare an internal transfer fund in online banking if necessary Monitor all transactions concerning Amex Corporate Cards Maintain and monitor the petty cash  and assist in attending urgent request of cash Assist the Account payable officer to monitor the firm cash flow on daily basis Maintain and update the vendor model payments in banking systems Monitor the incoming and outgoing funds in all firm bank accounts and ensure all transactions are properly done Ensure that bank statements are received and filed accordingly on monthly basis Liaise with other internal staff related to all payments queries and procedures Other responsibilities assigned Qualifications: Bachelor degree in Accounting with a minimum of four years’ relevant work experience, Satisfactory knowledge of accounting principles, cash process payments and computerized banking and accounting systems, Satisfactory computer skills in using Microsoft Excel and Microsoft word with ability to use PIVOT table, Ability to work with detail and under pressure, High trust worthy, reliable, meticulous, and high-energy level. Only qualified candidates based on the sole discretion of HHP will be invited for interviews. Please write your application by 31 October 2016.